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Springs of Life Christian Counselling Services


Springs of Life Christian Counselling offers you a wide range of counselling services:


  •  Abuse - psychological, emotional, verbal, physical (not sexual abuse)

  • Ageing and retirement issues

  • Anger

  • Anger Management

  • Anxiety

  • Assertiveness Skills Bereavement - death of a loved one]

  • Cancer diagnosis, health issues or terminal illness 

  • Car accidents

  • Change - health, relocation, empty nest, marriage, job  

  • Childhood - resolve issues with parents, bullying, friends etc

  • Confidence

  • Communication issues

  • Coping Skills

  • Couples / Marriage Counselling, Pre-marriage counselling, dating 

  • Cults - help to leave, grieve, or discern wrong beliefs or doctrine 

  • Dating and singleness issues

  • Death and Dying

  • Decision making

  • Divorce and marriage separation

  • Family issues

  • Grief and Loss - death of loved one, redundancy, ageing, relocation

  • Goal Setting

  • Guilt and shame

  • Infidelity

  • Infertility

  • Insomnia

  • Immigration

  • Life Crisis and  mid-life crisis

  • Life transitions

  • Marriage Counselling and Dating

  • Negative Thinking

  • Panic attacks

  • Personal Growth

  • Pre-marriage couple counselling to deal with issues or to prepare for marriage

  • Relationship Issues with marriage partner, fiancee, family, friends etc

  • Relocation - moving to a new city, country or home

  • Self-esteem and personal growth

  • Singleness - grief about being single or finding a marriage partner

  • Stress and Stress Management

  • Separation - grief and affect on spouses and family

  • Trauma - in your childhood or adult , e.g. parents separation, divorce, death or cancer diagnosis

  • Traumatic incidents - news or diagnosis of cancer, dementia, chronic disease, suicide etc

  • Traumatic accidents - car accidents, workplace accidents

  • Spiritual growth or issues, spiritual crisis, hurt or grief; grief, hurt or abuse caused by cults

  • Work and life balance

  • Work and job related issues

(Please ask Lynette if she can help with an issue not on this list)



Additional Services Offered to Empower You are:

  • Anger Management Skills

  • Assertiveness Skills

  • Coping Skills

  • Stress Management Skills

  • Relaxation skills

  • Breathing skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Conflict Management and Resolution skills

Counselling Fees: $100 per hour. Full time students: $90 per hour.  There is no extra charge for GST. Counselling sessions are for 1 hour unless a longer 1.5 hour session is requested. e.g. for a first session.


Monday to Friday, and if required some Saturday appointments if available


Cancellation or Rescheduling Appointments:

By making a counselling appointment you are agreeing that you will give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment to avoid paying for the appointment. This is because 1 hour of time has been reserved for you and your counsellor's time is very valuable, and time is required to offer an appointment time to someone else.  There is a fee for unattended appointments. 

It is wise to get help with issues that are causing us emotional distress early on so that they don't escalate in severity. Call Lynette today to book your appointment or to talk to her about your counselling needs on her mobile:  021 422 400   

The Springs of Life Christian Counselling office is located at 177 Bonair Crescent, Millwater, Silverdale, Auckland. 


Some of the reasons people come to counselling are :

  • feeling stuck and unable to move forward

  • to resolve the cause of their anxiety

  • gain healing of childhood hurts or abuse

  • learn skills to effectively manage stress

  • resolve historical causes of their anger  

  • learn skills to manage anger effectively

  • resolve depressed feelings or depression

  • recover from grief caused by death of loved one

  • seeking support with a separation or divorce

  • to get support with relocation or immigration

  • explore concerns about their spouse or partner

  • to gain a closer relationship with their spouse or partner

  • to improve the communication with their spouse

  • get healing and closure from emotional pain

  • resolve psychological abuse issues

  • get support for a life change or life crisis

  • resolve feelings of shame and guilt

  • change negative thinking or behaviour 

  • resolve issues with singleness or dating

  • to restore their usual level of functioning 

  • help and support with an important decision

  • a desire to develop work/life balance

  • increase their self confidence or self esteem

  • grief and trauma caused by: a diagnosis, cancer, dementia, terminal illness, an accident or suicide

Anger Management Counselling


  • Introduces you to new skills to empower you to manage your anger effectively and safely

  • Any repressed anger and triggers caused by historical issues can also be identified and addressed 

  • Helps you to identify and understand the root causes of your anger and deal with it

  • Helps you to identify any unhealthy  behaviours and replace them with healthy new behaviour


Anxiety Counselling     

  • Anxiety Counselling identifies and deals with the root causes  of your anxiety

  • uses an effective integrative approach which may include CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • helps you to understand the triggers for your anxious behaviours and deal with them in the moment

  • Empowers you with new skills to lower the levels of stress hormones in your body and restore your peace

  • Learn breathing, calming and relaxation skills to restore your equilibrium


Depression Counselling

  • Identifies and addresses the root cause or  historical cause of your low mood, depressed feelings or depression 

  • Uses an integrative and holistic approach, including CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Empowers you with new skills and behaviours that will dissipate depressed feelings or depression

  • Works to restore your sense of emotional balance and your ability to function,enabling you to move forward and enjoy your life again

  • Helps you to develop skills to understand yourself, your feelings and be kinder to yourself


Grief Counselling

  • Provides you with a caring and compassionate environment to process and recover from your grief. 

  • Will help you to process and recover from grief and loss caused by a broken relationship, separation or divorce, miscarriage, infertility, relocation, job loss, or death of a loved one, leaving a cult or any type of loss

  • Identifies and deals with the cause of any stuck, repressed or complicated grief so that you can move forward with your life again

  • Helps you to understand the process of grief

  • Empowers you to move through the grieving process without it getting stuck or complicated


Stress Management Counselling

  • Provide you with a safe environment to talk about what has been stressing you out

  • Identifies and addresses the root causes of your stress

  • You will be introduced to skills and a plan to empower you to effectively manage stress and to restore your equilibrium or balance in your life

  • Gain restoration of your usual ability to function or to improve your usual ability to function

  • Gain help and support to make decisions and find the way forward if you feel stuck


Relationship Counselling and Marriage Counselling

  • A safe and confidential place to talk about and address concerns that you have about your relationship with your marriage partner, partner, friends, family, and others

  • Learn Communication and listening skills

  • Learn calming skills to maintain self control and respectful responses when anxious, upset or angry

  • Learn assertiveness skills and when, why and how to say "no" effectively

  • Couple Counselling - Do you want help to resolve issues or improve your marriage?    

  • Pre-marriage couple counselling - to identify & resolve issues and to prepare for marriage

  • Individuals - relationship issues with dating,  partner, family, friend etc, grief after separation

  • Do you have concerns about emotional or verbal abuse such as name calling and insults by a spouse, partner, family member or someone else? 

  • If you want help with your marriage, dating, separation or relationship concerns

Self Esteem Counselling    


  • Gain a healthier self esteem and perspective of self

  • Deal with the hurt caused by separation from or a lack of bond or connection with a parent

  • Recover from psychological or verbal abuse and bullying

  • Find the way forward if feeling misunderstood by friends or parent

  • Deal with the root cause of a lack of confidence and become more confidet

  • Learn to be kind, compassionate, accepting and non judgmental of self

  • A safe environment to go on a freeing journey as an adult to bring healing to childhood hurts and wounds by: bringing closure to hurtful or frightening childhood memories

  • Identify and deal with the root cause of adult behaviour and emotions caused by childhood hurts and wounds

  • Identify incorrect beliefs and perceptions taken on by yourself as a child

  • Bring healthy reinterpretation to incorrect beliefs from childhood

  • Learn to be kind, compassionate, accepting and non judgmental of self and others



Loss and Grief Counselling

   Grief is a natural response that occurs following the loss of someone or something you care deeply about.

   Common sources of grief include:


  • Bereavement of parent, spouse, child, family or friend

  • Relationship breakdown, in a friendship or dating, divorce, separation

  • Loss of a job, redundancy

  • Change in your own or loved one's health e.g. cancer or dementia diagnosis

  • Changes associated with ageing

  • Loss of finances or home or assets

  • Empty nest - children leaving home

  • Spouse or parent with dementia

  • Moving to a new community, immigration, relocation

  • Death of a pet

  • Change in life stage, empty nest, having a baby, retirement

  • Friends or family moving away


Do you feel anxious or depressed about the future?   Call Lynette today to make an appointment on her Mobile: 021 422 400 

There is no right way to grieve and the timeline for grief can vary greatly. Your experience of grief is dependent on many factors such as the nature of the loss, your faith, your life experiences, your method of coping, and your personality.

It is important to care for yourself and to be patient as you allow the grief process to progress naturally. Grief can be enormously painful. You may become overwhelmed by a range of difficult emotions and it can feel as though you will never cease to be consumed by sadness and pain. These feelings are often a normal response to a significant loss and it takes time for the reality of the loss to be incorporated into one's life.

Some people get stuck in grief and their grief becomes complicated. People with complicated grief need professional counselling to discover what has caused them to become stuck in their grief, so that it is addressed properly and then they are able to move forward in the grief process and with their life.  Lynette has helped many people with complicated grief to discover what was causing them to be stuck and resolve it successfully. Even those who have been stuck in their grief for 2 or 3 decades have been able to resolve issues causing complicated grief and move forward with their lives through doing grief counselling. You can read their testimonials on the testimonial pages.

Other people that are grieving seek the empathic understanding of a Counsellor to support them through the trauma of the grieving process and to help them to find their way to live with their loss. In some circumstances, the natural grieving process can generate secondary issues such as depression or anxiety.

Lynette at Springs of Life Christian Counselling can offer assistance and empathic support to people experiencing grief by providing grief counselling.



This About Services Page is still being developed - we apologise for this - please call Lynette on 021 422 400 for further information if needed. Thank you for your understanding and patience.




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